Financial Advisory Services

The Advice You Need. The Service You Deserve.


Our Focus Is On Wealth Management.

We believe successfully managing client assets is not measured by performance statistics, but by our clients achieving their goals. Prosperous wealth management is also about understanding and managing risk. Instead of chasing hot funds and betting on hot markets, we focus our services on developing a disciplined investment strategy to provide our clients the investment returns they need with the least risk possible to their assets.

We Are Successful

Our clients are not speculative, high-risk investors. Some are fiduciaries of corporate retirement plans, non-profit institutions, trusts, or estates. Others are individuals who have already established themselves financially. All seek to grow their assets over time while avoiding the numerous risks that abound in today’s investment environment.

We are successful because we understand the unique needs of our clients and are ideally positioned to service those needs. As an independent, fee-based firm, we do not represent investment or insurance providers. We also do not receive commissions for recommending investments or trading securities. Instead, we answer only to our clients, ensuring that we solely recommend appropriate investments — no strings attached.

We Focus On Three Things

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Our value is in the overall client experience we provide and we do more than just one thing well. We offer a unique combination of integrated financial and tax advice, customized services, and dynamic investment strategies. These are delivered by experienced advisors who take their fiduciary responsibility to you seriously.

The Advice You Need

As your one-stop shop for financial advice, we believe proper financial and tax planning adds significantly more value than any investment strategy — even our own! Everyone’s needs are different, but most investors can optimize their portfolio’s growth by saving in the appropriate type of accounts, limiting taxes with the right distribution strategy, balancing concentrated stock option exposure while limiting taxes, and getting the most from Social Security, education funding, charitable giving strategies, estate planning, and more.

The Service You Deserve

We coordinate all your financial needs, so you can spend time doing the things you love. The conversations we have with our clients are welcoming, warm, and educational. We’re always asking questions because we continually strive to add value with the right planning strategy or tax advice services. Our advisors want to help you, not sell you something. As deep generalists, their experience prepares them for whatever your needs require.

Integrated Tax Advice

In a typical advisory firm, advisors outnumber accountants. At Impact Capital, we are literally surrounded by accountants. There is value and convenience in aligning your planning advice, tax advice, and portfolio management.

Dynamic Portfolios

We act as your portfolio manager using low-cost ETFs so you avoid the extra layer of management fees. Our risk management model is designed to protect your portfolio should the market falter. We also use quantitative methods to attempt to tilt the portfolio toward the asset classes in favor over the next 12 to 18 months.


We offer a technology suite meant to provide you a convenient and ideal experience. This includes access to your updated information online or on your phone — so you can check in wherever you go and whenever you want. Other convenient features include an online scheduling tool and paperwork done by electronic signature technology.

Our Unique Approach

The goal of our investment process is to take the emotion out of investing by using a disciplined process when it comes to risk management services. We use our extensive trading experience to provide a unique approach to investing portfolios for the long-term while keeping in mind risk management is key to any trading program.

How It Works

We start with the custom allocation designed to meet your goals based on our planning work. We then apply any necessary changes based on our risk management algorithms — except when these algorithms recommend reducing risk. It often goes years between changes. Finally, we make tactical changes based on relative strength and valuation metrics. We expect to make tactical changes to portfolios approximately three times per year. To accomplish this process, we use passively managed exchange-traded funds because of their low fees and tax efficiency.