You deserve a fee structure as unique as you are. One size doesn’t fit all. Our new Client First fee structures allow you to choose the fee structure that makes sense for you. We advise you which one is expected to be lowest for you. We put your interests ahead of our own, like all fiduciaries should. We offer three different structures:


% AUM:

The AUM fee is a percentage of the assets we manage.
Pros: When your portfolio falls, so does our fee.
Cons: When your portfolio rises, so does our fee. You don’t know what your fee is in advance.
Appropriate For: Clients who expect their portfolio value will fall due to withdrawals.


Flat Dollar:

The fee is a flat dollar amount with a small inflation increase each year.
Pros: When your portfolio rises, our fee doesn’t rise with it. You know what your fee is in advance.
Cons: When your portfolio falls, our fee doesn’t fall with it.
Appropriate For: Clients who expect their portfolio value will increase by more than inflation each year.


Hourly Financial Planning:

The fee is an hourly fee based on the time needed to prepare your financial plan.
Pros: Depending on the size of your portfolio, this will likely be the cheapest fee.
Cons: There is no portfolio management included. There is a charge for ongoing advice after the initial plan is complete.
Appropriate For: Clients who don’t have investable assets or don’t value portfolio management services.

This is just one of many ways we help clients keep more of what they earn.

Learn more here:

You pay lower portfolio fees since we act as portfolio manager using ETFs.
You get the fee savings.


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