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- Robert V. Rudman

Chairman of the Board

SmarTire Systems, Inc.

An entrepreneur based in Big Sur, California, Toby Rowland-Jones has worked at Director or Board levels with various nonprofits in the fields of social change, community development and inter-NPO fundraising. Toby is a past founder and publisher of BENEFIT Magazine, San Francisco, a publication devoted to the ongoing needs of San Francisco/Bay Area non-profit  and event planning. He was also President of Black Tie Events, a non-profit social event fundraising group, and was owner of At Your Service, a full service catering company, as well as co-owning or managing several restaurants in the Bay Area

Toby is currently President of SurVision, a marketing and public relations consulting company. SurVision oversees and coordinates special events, such as the Central Coast Wine Classic, Masters of Food and Wine, Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival and the Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta. He is also a gifted auctioneer, having raised substantial sums at various fundraising galas.

Founder and President of the Big Sur Food and Wine Festival, Toby oversees a committee of ten volunteers, and handles much of the logistics with regards to public relations, event planning and guest relations. He also manages the Big Sur Chanterelle Festival, held each early Spring, to great acclaim.

Toby recently retired from the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade, after 16 years of exemplary service as a medical emergency responder, firefighter, and high-angle responder.

Toby is dedicated to changes in the environment through alternative energy exploration and green practices and has been leading Impact Capital's friends and family investors in its green venture undertakings. Toby is responsible for coordinating Impact Capital's philanthropic projects, and advising on their ecological and environmental issues.

Special Venture Partner